Yakup and Friso compare baskets and screens

Nuova Ricambi asked two Dutch barista's to compare VST Precision and IMS Competition filter baskets and shower screens.

Water flow

Both barista's prefered the IMS basket and screen, although they liked both. The IMS screen and basket are easier to clean and show visible better water flow.


Most important, does the coffee taste better when they used IMS? It was not the taste, but the mouthfeel that gives the biggest difference. IMS results in a silky and smooth espresso.


The differences are in the details, this development is for those who know their coffee and aim for the maximum result.

Video: Friso van der Meij

Barista Friso van der Meij: "The IMS screen promotes more flow, and that flow gives you time to extract more coffee."

Video: Yakup Aydin

Barista Yakup Aydin: "The texture and the mouthfeel of the coffee (brewed) with the IMS basket was more silky."

IMS Competition basket and screen will be available in our webshop soon.