Course: Coffee Lab Pro EU

Boot Coffee

Take your coffee skills to the next level. From September 29th till October 2nd 2015 Boot Coffee will organise another COFFEE LAB PRO EU advanced course for coffee professionals.

COFFEE LAB PRO immerses you in a series of hands-on training exercises. Among others, this is what you’ll learn:

• Refine your tasting vocabulary
• Identify flavor profiles through blind coffee tasting
• Improve your skills to select and purchase green coffee
• Analyze fundamentals of heat transfer and roasting dynamics
• Create roasting profiles and analyze the results
• Develop roasting strategies for optimum flavor
How do varieties, growing conditions and processing styles impact quality

The course will be held at Amsterdam Boot Coffee, Tolshuisweg 2, 1031 CL, Amsterdam. More information and possibility for registration can be found here: