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Attention to detail matters in La Marzocco's mission to meet the highest standards in the industry, from water conditions, to putting to test results stemming from transversal and longitudinal research aimed at the faultless operation of each machine component, to equipment design, to ergonomics, to ensuring utmost care in the machine build itself.

Branded diffuser screens

As the latest Technical Bulletins assert, La Marzocco's entire line of espresso machines are now equipped with newly reinforced, 100% stainless steel, branded diffuser screens, positioned at the brew group heads, as well as an all new portafilter O-ring whose dimension allows users to easily remove and insert spouts.

Updated firmware

In addition, the Linea PB model is equipped with significantly updated firmware (regarding alarm settings, displays, heating systems, automatic features, etc.), thereby fine-tuning operation, and empowering eco-friendly modes that promise even greater effectiveness.

Filter baskets - Vulcano Swift

La Marzocco, moreover, recently introduced new filter baskets for the Vulcano Swift, whose finish allows the proper tamping maneuver of the grinder without any coffee-puck spin or channeling along the basket enclosure.

Water quality

And certainly, we can't overlook the recent campaign concerning water quality. Indeed, choosing the correct water treatment is fundamental to ensuring a longer lifespan of the machine as well as the perfect brew. Learn more here:

La Marzocco takes quality & details to heart !

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