Maxwell Colonna Dashwood wint UK Barista Championship 2014

Titel verdediger John Gordon neemt genoegen met 4e plaats

Tijdens een vol en buzzing London Coffee Festival werd Maxwell Colonna Dashwood baristakampioen van het VK. Maxwell won de finale met ruime voorsprong van onder andere de voormalig UK Champion en World Barista Championship (WBC) finalist John Gordon.

Foto: V.l.n.r.: Harris, Gordon, Bright, Colonna-Dashwood, Meagher, and Altizo.

Einduitslag UKBC 2014

669.5 Maxwell Colonna Dashwood

643 Dale Harris

634 Estelle Bright

623.5 John Gordon

593 Joe Meagher

592.5 Don Altizo

Best espresso, cappuccino, signature drink

Maxwell won het UK Barista Championship voor de tweede keer, hij zal de Engelse eer verdedigen tijdens het WBC in Rimini in juni 2014.

De jury beoordeelde de espresso en cappucino van Maxwell als beste. John Gordon serveerde de beste signature drinks. over John Gordon

John Gordon, Square Mile Coffee Roasters, London @JohnGordon09 @squaremile


And next it's last year's UK champion, John Gordon, representing @squaremile in London. We've gone beyond a packed house here for Mr. Gordon's routine, and into bedlam mode.


Mr. Gordon's routine here at #ukbc2014 is modeled after "choose your own adventure" books - something Mr. Gordon grew up loving as a kid. He offers three different varieties of Ethiopian coffee to each judge, and has them plot their flavor path throughout his routine.

These coffees are isolated varieties of heirloom coffee from Ethiopia, denoted by number. It's part of a brand new heirloom coffee isolation project located near Jimma. It is the first time we've ever heard of any of this, and we are of course wildly intrigued. More on this later.

Mr. Gordon has pre-ground all his espresso coffees here at #ukbc2014 using a modified snub-nose @mahlkoenig EK43 grinder. It sort of looks like the sawed-off shotgun of coffee grinders. 

Some barista competitors are a bit like athletes - there's the X Factor element of grace and physical control. It's safe to say that John Gordon is one such performer.


"Low-grade sweetness, a bit like tea - this is a very floral coffee" - John Gordon on his choose your own Ethiopian adventure coffee service.

Mr. Gordon's sig drink: orange & lemon essential oils, cinnamon & coriander, lavender, quick-chilled & carbonated. It's a riff on a classic cola recipe, and meant to echo the flavor complexity of his Ethiopian coffee.


Mr. Gordon calls time well shy of 15 - big reaction in the crowd. over Maxwell Colonna Dashwood

Maxwell Colonna DashwoodColonna & Small's, Bath @Colonna_Smalls


Mr. Dashwood competes using a washed caturra & colombia variety coffee from Colombia - it arrived here in the UK only 2.5 weeks ago.

To much whooping in the crowd, and in one of the most distinctive moments from the day, Mr. Daswhood has donned a lab coat, glasses and lecture pointer to discuss water science here at the show. Calcium & magnesium, binding energy, buffers, acids into alkalines... it's a lecture moment with Prof. Dashwood. "Water doesn't just affect a barista - it affects everyone who's ever had a coffee".

"Strawberry, cocoa, and vanilla" in @colonna_smalls‘ cappuccinos here at #UKBC2014 - Mr. Dashwood is an obvious professional here on stage - workflow, conservation of movement, station maintenance.

"White grape and black grape, caramel and cocoa" in Mr. Dashwood's espressos - flavor notes he moves on to mimic in his sig drinks featuring two hot infusions using different grape varieties - Helena white grapes and midnight beauty black grapes - "a rather saucy variety".

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