There will not be a Nordic Barista Cup in 2014

Will return in new format

Growing from humble beginnings as a friendly competition between the top baristas of the Nordic countries into a truly international knowledge-based event, the Nordic Barista Cuphas been on the calendar (or to-do list) of every serious coffee professional in the world these last years.

Rethinking the Nordic Barista Cup

In 2014, however, feeling that the current format had ran its course, the organising committee will spend the time they would normally use putting together another NBC to rethink the format into something that can continue to grow and expand in the future.

Dear friends,

Thank you for supporting NBC over the last 10 years.

As our mission statement is fulfilled, we have decided to close down NBC in its current form.

There will not be a NBC event in 2014.

We are working on a new format for the event and will keep you posted.

Here on the NBC site you can find all information from earlier years. Knock your self out!

This is also where we'll keep you posted on what will be the new NBC format to come.

Keep on sharing knowledge and remember to be together, learn together and act together.

It's been great 10 years-thanks-TAK.

Yours sincerely

Jens Nørgaard

Chairman, Nordic Barista Cup Assn.

Photograph from the official NBC flickr stream

Vision and Motto NBC

The vision within the Nordic Barista Cup is: "To create an environment in which knowledge about coffee and its sphere can be obtained"

The organization behind the Nordic Barista Cup see it as its main purpose to be a part of creating this forum in which people can meet, bond and achieve further knowledge.

Our motto is: "Be together, act together, learn together"


Like Jens wrote above, the NBC website contains a rich archive of what has been shared over the years. Here is our overview of the talks and events of the 2013 Nordic Barista Cup.