Coffee Controverse of the year 2013: "Is it a lungo?'

Brewing long coffee shots with an espressomachine

It was Australian WBC 2013 finalist Matt Perger who brought us the Coffee Controverse of the year 2013. He implemented a 200+ ml coffee in his routine, brewed with an espresso machine. 'Is it a lungo?', we wondered.

Espresso Machine abuse

The 'lungo', a long coffee shot made with an espresso machine, using course ground coffee: it is a big no-no for serious baristas in The Netherlands and Belgium.

To make it even more clear: barista's in these countries are battling against this form of espresso machine abuse. Espresso is pulled with an espresso machine, long coffees are brewed with pour over equipment (like V60, Clever dripper, Chemex etc.). Right?

Not just a lungo

Matt Perger ended up as the number 2 of the World Barista Championship 2013. This 'lungo' must have been pretty tasty in order to achieve this.

So, what did he do to make his 'lungo' into a great brew? 

Extraction yield

Matt Perger explains: "the most important facet of this nonconformity is the extraction yield. [Long] Coffee shots reach and exceed an extraction yield of 24%; far above the now industry standard of 18-22%."

The magic is in the grinder

To achieve an extraction yield of 24% without ending up with severe dryness and bitterness in the cup, Matt Perger uses a Mahlkönig EK43 grinder.

"The EK43 can hit 22% [extraction yield] on a bad day. [...] Allowing you to get a delicious and focused flavour in the intensely sweet higher-registers of extraction yield."

Lungo 2.0

A few specialty coffee bars in The Netherlands are experimenting brewing 'Lungo 2.0', using the Mahlkönig EK43 grinder.

To be continued.....

Matt Perger's Long Coffee Shots Brewing Guide