World Coffee Events: year in review 2013

With Complete World Coffee Championship Rankings

Who won the World Barista Championship 2013? Who were the finalists? Who is the World Cup Tasters, Brewerscup, Latte Art, Coffee in Good Spirits, Roasting Champion of 2013?

And which country was the best performing country overall in 2013?

Year in Review 2013: World Coffee Events

World Coffee Events shares all rankings, a few great interviews and articles in a Year in Review 2013 document.

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World Coffee Champions 2013

World Barista Champion 2013

Pete Licata, USA

World Brewerscup Champion 2013

Erin McCarthy, USA

World Latte Art Champion 2013

Hisako Yoshikawa, Japan

World Coffee in Good Spirits Champion 2013

Victor Delpierre, France

World Cup Tasters Champion 2013

Lajos Horváth, Hungary

World Coffee Roasting Champion 2013

Naoki Goto, Japan

Best Performing County-World Coffee Events 2013