How to design a signature beverage

Learn from the barista champs of the world

Many barista's love to compete. Not so much to show off, but to learn and push themselves beyond their current limits.

Signature beverage

Designing a signature beverage is part of the competition prep. It is very difficult to come up with a tasty, creative and outspoken drink.

Most competitors go to chefs for inspiration, but why not consult the stars of the World Barista Championship?


World Coffee Events is the organizer of the World Barista Championship. They invited former winners and finalists to explain their signature drink by deconstructing it.

Take your time to watch the following videos of Pete Licata, Colin Harmon, Raul Rodas and Fabricio Cencion and learn from the greatest.

Pete Licata

Colin Harmon

Raul Rodas

Fabricio Cencion