Are Robot Baristas taking over?

The web is booming with articles on Briggo's Robot Barista. We are not talking about a slow moving creature on wheels with blinking eyes and beeping sounds.

Briggo developed a completely automated coffee service: from ordering until serving coffees exactly the way customers want.

Images: Briggo

Added value

Once more we notice a development which makes the barista's job easier. In this case he does not even have to show up for work anymore!

Seriously, with technology catching up with the best barista's in the world, it is time to focus more on those things that make a human barista special: connection and knowledge.

Can barista robots take over your job?

I guess when you are making coffee drinks all day long like a machine or if your job is just to take orders and taking money, you should watch your back.

Briggo doesn't have to be better than the best baristas in the world. It just has to be better than the nearest coffee stop.

How to get ready for a barista robot invasion

You know how fast stuff finds it's way from the US to the rest of the world, so get ready!

You can beat any robot by being human. Yes, authentic greeting and interesting chatting will get you a head start. But the real advantage is your knowledge of coffee combined with costumer service. Being an expert, not a human robot.

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