Mazzer New Kold

Highest quality grind with minimum heat

Mazzer introduces the New Kold during HOST 2013. This innovative grinder is the solution for high traffic coffee outlets.

We notice quite a few great advantages to the New Kold. (And being pretty is not one of them, the beauty is in the inside...)

Belt driven motor in separate chamber

The motor and grinding chamber are separate. Why is this an advantage? Read on...

Double ventilation system

You see, that's why. The extra electric ventilation system keeps the motor cool. It turns on when the motor is on.

A cool motor means cool blades, and that means consistent grinding. Even when you are the busiest barista in town.

Just 3 screws to remove blades for a fast and perfect cleaning

Sounds like nothing new? Well what if you would never loose the adjustment when cleaning your conical blades? Yep, that's an advantage.

Mazzer adds an easy micrometrical adjustment system. The adjustment knob is on the side and your settings are kept even when you remove the upper blade for cleaning.


- Conical blades:
mm Ø 71 single phase
mm Ø 83 three phase (grinder doser only)

- Power:

- Grinding blade speed
giri/min 420 (50Hz)
Rpm 500 (60Hz)

- Coffee-bean container capacity:
Kg 1,5
Ibs 3,3

- Net weight
Kg 30 / Ibs 67

Price and availability information coming soon