WBC Allstars at HOST Milano 2013

A brand new feature activity "WBC All-Stars" brought to you by World Coffee Events and NuovaSimonelli, is taking place at the HOST Milan event in the Fieramilano from 18-22 October 2013.

World Barista Champions

The World Barista Championship (WBC) was established in 2000, with the first event taking place in Monte Carlo. Since then, the competition has circled the globe crowning 14 world champions and hundreds of national champions.

WBC Allstars 2013

For 5 days in a row, the world's best baristas will be featured in activities, including: espresso & cappuccino challenges, on-demand performances, reflections on their "champion" year, Coffee Talk Show interviews and a pop quiz segment, surprise challenges, and more!

Judging table

In addition, guest hosts, Peter Giuliano of SCAA and Steve Leighton of HasBean Coffee will be guiding us behind the judging table with tips presented by Sonja Björk Grant, WBC certified head judge, and opportunities to taste coffees made by the World's best! The roster of ALL-STAR baristas includes the current WBC Champion, Pete Licata (USA)!

For more information and the full schedule, visit the WBC Allstars website. Or, join in the conversation on Twitter @WCoffeeEvents using #WBCAllStars #askthechampion.