Specialty Coffee show on Moscow's Red Square

The worlds top barista's show Moscow how to brew

What to do if you want people to start to understand Specialty Coffee who love their tea?

Why not build a huge stage on the main square in the capitol of your country? And then you invite the world's best barista's to brew, jam and teach. Sounds like an ambitious plan.

Moscow gets a coffee treat

Sure, a stage on the Red Square in Moscow to promote great coffee, that sounds to good to be true. It's not. It's happening and it has been happening for a few years.

Drago Lakic and Regina Vasilyeva (Soyuz Coffee) thought of this event three years ago and have made this into an annual coffee celebration.

Picture by Soyuz coffee

Brewing and teaching

Top barista's like Pete Licata, Stefanos Damatiotis, William Hernandez, Javier Garcia and Alejandro Mendez take shifts brewing on the Red Square. WBC finalist Coen van Sprang (Netherlands) attended in 2012.

The event has already grown to an one-week event, from 1-9 september 2013. This year the barista's do not only brew, but also teach. The workshops and lectures are packed with enthousiastic Russians.

Picture by Soyuz Coffee

Example for Specialty Coffee promotion

The Specialty Coffee Show in Moscow is a great example for coffee promotion in areas where drinking coffee is rather new.

As long as sponsors, barista's and a city can colaborate, the sky seems to be the limit and extaordinary things can happen.

Picture Soyuz Coffee

More coffee celebrities at Moscow Сoffee and Tea expo 2013

Great news for those who can not make it to Moscow in September: during the Moscow Coffee and Tea Expo 2013 (1-4 October) many international coffee experts will brew, show and teach again.