The Summer of EK43

Mahlkönig EK43 is grinding specialty coffee around the world

Everyone who watched Matt Perger during his 15 minutes of WBC had something to talk about. "Is he serving lungo's?", "What is that shop grinder all about?" and: "Can an espressomachine be used for 250ml drinks?".

Matt prepares 'coffee-shots', long shots, with the espressomachine. Jaw dropping for any Dutch or Belgian barista. The good old 'lungo' is a big no-no for the far advanced barista in The Netherlands and Belgium.

But the lungo is not what makes the world talk. The grinder is stealing the show.

Just about every international coffee blog wrote about the Mahlkönig EK43, the grinding wonder, used by Matt Perger and his advisor Ben Kaminsky.

Ben has been travelling the world to talk about his experiences with the EK43, leaving barista's puzzled and confused.

The international (online) discussion is well captured by

'In a post published on his personal blog, perennial Irish Barista Champion and 3FE owner Colin Harmon sums up the EK 43 zeitgeist nicely in this post:

Matt (Perger)...did his whole routine using one coffee grinder, namely the EK 43. He used it not only to pull his espresso shots but also to make filter-style drinks that he called "coffee shots". This sparked a massive interest in not only the EK 43 but also the extract mojo and everything that goes with it. Regardless of whether you think the EK is a good thing or not (which is entirely up to you, remember) I've definitely been happy to see a lot more discussion both here in Dublin and on the World Wide web in general. This is a really good thing for coffee and especially for espresso which to me has been dropped by a lot of folks who feel it can go no further. -Colin Harmon'

Read all excerpts of blogpost's on the subject here.

With the attention for the Mahlkönig43 grinder, the discussion on grinders, burrs and particles rises.

If quality is priority, grinders can be adjusted to the coffee. Not just the grind, but the actual choice for a grinder and it's burrs. Ofcourse, subjects like time, efficiency and money can be limitations.

We can not wait to see what will happen towards the WBC14 and expect at least an extra WBC-Bingo-line: "The reason why I use this grinder is......".

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