SCAE 15 jaar

De Speciality Coffee Association of Europe bestaat dit jaar 15 jaar. De SCAE zette zich in die periode in om koffie naar hoger plan te tillen. Vooral door trainingen en competities is dat de SCAE zeker gelukt. De SCAE bedankt op haar site al haar leden en knoopt er voor haar leden ook nog eens een kortingsactie op SCAE merchandise aan vast.

From the Board, Ambassadors and Executive of SCAE thank you to all members past and present for being with us on this fantastic journey of discovery and achievement over the years.

We have made a better coffee world, one of our first objectives, we have helped to spread excellence, knowledge, understanding, appreciation and enthusiasm of speciality coffee, and with partner organisations throughout the world we have helped to improve the quality of coffee both in producing and consuming countries.

We have also helped to build a world-wide coffee community, a mission which is still important for us today.

Thank you to everyone who has been involved with SCAE over the past 15 years. Here’s to the next 15!”

To mark this occasion we are offering all SCAE members 15% off merchandise for 15 days, please state the following code when placing an order to claim your discount

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