The winners of Nice

World Coffee Events (WCE) announced the 2013 World Latte Art Champion, 2013 World Coffee in Good Spirits Champion, 2013 World Cup Tasters Champion and the first inaugural 2013 World Coffee Roasting Champion at the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) 2013 World of Coffee (WoC) tradeshow in Nice, France.

The 2013 World Latte Champion is Hisako Yoshikawa, Ogawa Coffee Roasters from Japan and the 2013 World Coffee in Good Spirits Champion is Victor Delpierre, Cafés Richard from France. Together with the 2013 World Cup Taster Champion Lajos Horvath from Hungary and 2013 World Coffee Roasting Champion Naoki Goto from Japan.

A total of 30 National Latte Art Champions, 21 National Coffee in Good Spirits Champions and 36 National Cup Tasting Champions competed in these events. With the World Coffee Roasting Championship taking place for the first time at this year's World of Coffee with 11 National Roasting Champions taking part.

All four Championships took place over three days at the Société d'Exploitation de l'Acropolis de Nice, for the SCAE's yearly coffee event. Over 4,250 coffee fans from all over Europe and around the globe attended the event, and 35,331 viewers streamed the competitions live online.

Esther Maasdam

World Latte Art Championship

Champion: Hisako Yoshikawa, Ogawa Coffee Co. LTD., JAPAN

2nd: KyeongWoo Jung, Corea Coffee Belt, SOUTH KOREA

3rd: Miguel Lamora, Talkhouse Coffee, SPAIN

4th: Leszek Jedraskik, Black & White Coffee, POLAND

5th: Esther Maasdam, Ristretto, THE NETHERLANDS

6th: Sam Low, Atomic Coffee Roasters, NEW ZEALAND

World Coffee in Good Spirit Championship

Champion: Victor Delpierre, Cafés Richard, FRANCE

2nd: Marcin Wojciak, Java Coffee, POLAND

3rd: Gordon Howell, United Academy of Coffee, UNITED KINGDOM

4th: Dimitrios Konstantopolous, Tailor Made, GREECE

5th: Gerard Meylaers, Baristabar, BELGIUM

6th: Martin Hudak, Dublin Café, SLOVAKI

World Cup Tasters Championship

Champion: Lajos Horvath, HUNGARY

2nd: Risa Sasaki, JAPAN

3rd: Jan Komarek, CZECH REPUBLIC

4th: Nikolai Aunbakk, NORWAY

World Coffee Roasting Championship

Champion: Naoki Goto, JAPAN

2nd: Chen-che Chiang, TAIWAN

3rd: Shih Ru Wang, TAIWAN

To see the complete awards ceremony or to view competitor presentations at each of the World Championships, please visit Cup Tasters Championship) and (World Latte Art and World Coffee in Good Spirits).