Koffie is op zijn best wanneer deze per kop wordt gezet vindt designer Craighton Berman. Hij ontwierp daarom een prototype van een eenkopsfilterkoffiesysteem. Het 'object' is bovendien zo mooi dat je de koffiemaker ook altijd binnen handbereik kan en wilt laten staan. Ten opzichte van bestaande slow coffee tools heeft deze Berman beauty een nog langzamere doorlooptijd zodat water en koffie nog langer in contact met elkaar blijven.  

Op Bermans blog schrijft hij er over: 

Current pour-over coffee maker forms are primarily inspired by pitchers and funnels, while MANUAL aims to be an appliance. In the spirit of kitchen appliances, MANUAL is designed to be left out on a counter for fast access, less set up, and aesthetic consideration.

Similar to a pour-over stand used by coffee shops, brewing happens directly into the final drinking vessel. The glass construction allows full visibility of the process, while the "double-wall" design retains more heat which helps maintain ideal extraction temperatures. The wooden base is designed to provide a 'home' for the glass piece, as well as fit over a kitchen scale. The base insulates the mug from thermal loss and catches any errant drips during the process, over time developing a patina, like that of a cutting board.

MANUAL has been designed to have a slightly slower extraction speed than that of its pour-over contemporaries. This was a purposeful choice, to allow the water and grinds for a single cup preparation to come in to contact for a longer period of time—like that of an immersion method, such as a French press.