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Does your coffee taste like coffee?

Richard Williams of Nude Espresso London has posted an interesting blog about coffee roasting and tastes he is looking for in coffee:

'Like most coffee geeks I love good beer. I recently handed a stunning stout from the Redchurch brewery to a friend who is not a coffee or beer aficionado. The reply I got was that the beer tastes like coffee. This is a very common remark from people tasting dark beers. On the surface this is a completely reasonable thing to say but lets look a little closer…

Beer is made from malted barley; to get the colour the barley is toasted. In a dark beer the barley is toasted quite a lot, this gives the beer its dark colour and flavour. Coffee is also roasted and for a long time it was only roasted quite dark, producing dark colour and flavour similar to that in dark barley. The vast majority of roasters still roast very dark and while philosophically I don't think there is anything wrong with roasting dark I believe that it's most often done for the wrong reason: the use of poor quality green coffee. At nude, if we roast something darker it's because we think the delicate interplay between acidity, body, sweetness and overall flavour is somehow improved not because we are trying to hide the defects in it (coffee is a very delicate product and there are many things that can go wrong before we get it,). Defects, as you would expect from the name don't taste very good.'

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