Mirage Veloce

  • In 2004 a second body-style was developed for the Mirage. By replacing the high-gloss body-parts by engine-turned stainless, and the glass by aluminium, a very different look was created.
  • The side-panels are milled 10mm aircraft quality aluminium pieces, polished to a high lustre and filled-in with semi-gloss black paint.
  • “Veloce” is Italian for fast, rapid, speedy, quick.
  • All technical features are identical to the Duette Classic and Triplette Classic.


Heating element 3.200 Watt, single phase /230 Volt 
Total wattage 3.680 Watt, 15,5 Amp
N.b. Different power set-ups are available on request

Boiler capacity

Boiler capacity 14 litres

Standard accessories

  • two 2-cup filterholders
  • one 1-cup filterholder
  • external pump with filter and fully closed 300 Watt motor plus anti-vibration cushion
  • high pressure flexible tube of 1,5 mtr.
  • discharge hose of 20 mm inside diameter with stainless steel hose clamp
  • screen brush
  • two blind filters to clean both groups at the same time
  • canister of 1 kg. cleaning powder for groups
  • Mirage coffee tamper in polished aluminium
  • filterholder-rest in polished aluminium

Some special features of the Mirage

  • Standard equipped with automatic back-flush program. When activated all groups simultaneously start to pressurize and de-pressurize 8 times. (Not on Idrocompresso)
  • The hot water is mixed with some cold to deliver non-spattering water of the correct temperature to prepare americanos.
  • On the touch pad operated version an electronic pre-infusion system can be activated or de-activated by the barista. When activated it functions on all 4 adjusted switches of all groups. When activating the group, water is permitted to saturate the coffee bed. Just before pressure starts to rise the flow is stopped for some seconds to allow all oils and fats to soften and dissolve. Then the process is resumed and the now properly liquefied precious parts are pushed out by the high pump pressure.
  • The wide draintray can be moved stepless up and down to accept any imaginable size of (paper) cup.
  • As an option you may choose for one or both of the steamwands to be switched on and off by foot. Together with the long and free-hanging steamwands, this makes for truly fast and efficient milk steaming. Both your hands are free during the complete process. The manual steam valves remain fully intact and operable to enable you to adjust the steamflow to your own liking. The experienced barista working with two foot operated steamwands may now prepare two pitchers at the same time.
  • The steam wands are in polished stainless steel and can pivot in all directions.
    The hot water outlet is controlled by a adjustable electronic timer.
  • The filterholders have a slightly down-sloping handle for an ergonomically better position of your wrist.
  • The Mirage never starts topping up its main steam boiler when you are brewing coffee.
    This feature prevents a ruining of the extraction process by a sudden loss of pumppressure.
  • The heating element is heavily protected. First there is the usual level-probe that ensures the waterlevel inside the main boiler remains at its normal level. When the boiler inlet-valve,
    activated by the level-probe, would ever remain open for longer than 2 minutes, the complete machine will shut down. At the same time all Leds on the touch-pads will start blinking as a visual alarm.

Then there is a second probe, the security-probe. This reaches down inside the boiler to just above the heating-element. When this probe would ever not detect any water the machine will immediately and completely shut down, again with all Leds flashing.

As a last precaution, there is a temperature feeler inside the boiler, directly secured to the heating element. When the element would ever get too hot because of a lack of water around it for cooling, the element will be shut off.

  • Because of all this inherent security-measures we decided a visual level-indicator could safely be deleted.
  • Thanks to the elevated position of the body, cleaning underneath the machine poses no problem at all.
  • The side-panels are in authentic glass of 10 mm thickness. Your own decoration or logo on these panels is optional. 

As with any thermo-siphon stystem (one large boiler with one tube-like heat-exchanger per group, connected to the rear of the group by two tubes) the coffeewater temperature can be adjusted in two ways.

First there is the pressostat that controls the steampressure and thus the temperature.

Secondly the coffeewater temperature reaching the ground coffee can be manipulated by altering the basic working temperature of the group. This basic group temperature can be adjusted by installing restrictors with different orifices at the rear of the group.
With different restrictors installed it is quite possible to operate one machine with temperatures adjusted differently from group to group to accomodate for the use of lighter and darker roasted coffees.

  • The group solenoid valves are located inside the machine. No electric devices in the splash zone, no spattering of discharging valves
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