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La Marzocco's attention to detail

La Marzocco Technical Bulletin

Attention to detail matters in La Marzocco's mission to meet the highest standards in the industry, ...

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Trabocca improves service to US specialty roasters

Trabocca B.V., headquartered in Amsterdam and part of the SunOpta International Sourcing & Supply segment, is delighted to announce ...

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There will not be a Nordic Barista Cup in 2014

Growing from humble beginnings as a friendly competition between the top baristas of the Nordic countries into a truly international ...

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[VIDEO] Colin Harmon: A Dublin Coffee Story

Colin Harmon, we've seen him on the WBC stage and follow him as @dublinbarista

Colin is the best example in the world of how to ...

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Good espresso, not only in Italy

Italian CNBC interviews La Marzocco's Managing Director Guido Bernardinelli.

The most interesting thing is to hear him explain to the ...

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The best cups of coffee in Dublin

The revolution that is happening in Dublin led by the emergence of great coffee. So one of Lovin' Dublin bloggers decided to come up ...

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Students take a next step with 4th wave coffee

Students from Adams City High School's manufacturing class and industrial design majors at Metropolitan State University of Denver are ...

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8 types of independent coffee bars you'll find in London

Daniel Stevens set himself the challenge of drinking 100 cups of coffee at 100 different independent coffee shops in London for his ...

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10 neighbourhoods that have had incredible makeovers


Some neighbourhoods are effortlessly charming while others bring new meaning to the phrase 'beauty is in the ...

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[VIDEO] How To Taste Coffee Like Wine

Ever heard someone stating: "This coffee tastes like straberries"? 

If you like coffee and would like to learn about how to taste ...

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Starting a roasting operation or re-designing your existing specialty business?

This course is specifically designed for coffee ...

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Andrea Illy: "Fair trade doesn't improve quality"

Andrea Illy, the company's chairman and CEO, told Quartz that while he endorses higher wages for growers, you won't be seeing any ...

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Evernote's Coffee Program

Seriously tricked out office espresso bars are nothing new in the Bay Area tech scene, but at Evernote, there's a twist: depending on ...

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Preview World of Coffee 2014 Rimini

The speciality coffee world will be gathering in Rimini, Italy from 10-12 June 2014. 

World of Coffee 2014

Europe's leading ...

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Coffee Tour Copenhagen

Copenhagen, a city packed with (high leg) LaMarzocco espresso machines and Mahlkönig coffee grinders. Sander, Linda, Ilja and Lorien ...

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2013ís New Coffee Places in The Netherlands

The Dutch specialty coffee scene is growing fast. Many great new places with excellent coffee opened in 2013.

We spotted not only ...

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Coffee Controverse of the year 2013: "Is it a lungo?'

It was Australian WBC 2013 finalist Matt Perger who brought us the Coffee Controverse of the year 2013. He implemented a 200+ ml coffee ...

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World Coffee Events: year in review 2013

Who won the World Barista Championship 2013? Who were the finalists? Who is the World Cup Tasters, Brewerscup, Latte Art, Coffee in ...

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[Audio] Interview with Oliver Strand

Oliver Strand found his way to this website before, he spoke at the Nordic Barista Cup and wrote interesting articles, introducing ...

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Thirth Wave Christmas Coffee Exchange

Secret Santa is coming to you with some special coffee to enjoy on Christmas day. All you need to do is join the global thirth wave ...

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[Now Available] Hario Tea

We love Hario. Hario helps us to make brewing coffee consistent, easy and... fun.

We thought brewing coffee beats brewing tea any day. ...

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Allegra ECS Talk: Rob Berghmans

Rob Berghmans (Caffenation, Belgium) spoke at Allegra's European Coffee Symposium 2013 in Paris. He posted his talk on his blog:

10 ...

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What is Modbar?

We have been hearing stories about espressobars without an espressomachine on the counter. We have seen photos of these bars as proof. ...

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La Marzocco COLLABORATOR & SUPPLIER of the Year 2013

For the sixth year in a row, La Marzocco awarded a member of its network with the title "La Marzocco Collaborator of the ...

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[Introduction] Hario Metal Dripper

With the added features of stainless steel, you can now enjoy an authentic pour over coffee anywhere you like. Hario Metal Dripper now ...

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[Video] Hey girl guide to coffeeing

Nick Cho made this Hey Girl video, guide to coffeeing. Find out what to order at those new coffee places, how to flirt with the cute ...

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CoffeeCompany Oosterdok on is one of our favorite places to visit on the web. CoffeeCompany Oosterdok is one of our favorite places to visit in ...

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[Shop] Hario Sommelier Coffee Syphon

Just picture yourself having a delicious dinner at an elegant restaurant. You place your order and the "Hario Sommelier" is brought to ...

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How to design a signature beverage

Many barista's love to compete. Not so much to show off, but to learn and push themselves beyond their current limits.

Signature ...

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Infographic: the history of coffee making

From boiled coffee beans to Turkish coffee and from filter to espresso. The development of new ways of how to brew coffee has been ...

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Best Coffee Roasters in America

Source: - author: Dan Gentile

A cast of America's most notable coffee writers and shop owners were pulled together to ...

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[Hardware] Bonavita Kettles

The correct water temparature is key when brewing coffee and tea. Pouring boiled water in a 'goose neck' kettle and waiting for the ...

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Nuova Ricambi asked two Dutch barista's to compare VST Precision and IMS Competition filter baskets and shower screens.

Water ...

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[Introduction] Hario Tea

We love Hario. Hario helps us making brewing coffee consistent, easy and... fun.

We thought brewing coffee beats brewing tea any day. ...

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Are Robot Baristas taking over?

The web is booming with articles on Briggo's Robot Barista. We are not talking about a slow moving creature on wheels with blinking ...

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Fresh photos from HOST 13

ESW is visiting HOST 13 and La Marzocco Out of the Box in Milano. They share their first impressions with you!

Fresh photos will be ...

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Mazzer New Kold

Mazzer introduces the New Kold during HOST 2013. This innovative grinder is the solution for high traffic coffee outlets.

We notice ...

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LM Out of the Box starts: Romeo 2

In the presence of nearly 300 invited guests, La Marzocco unveils its Romeo 2 at Out of the Box.

In 1959, the company commissioned ...

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La Marzocco Out of the Box: Livestream

'La Marzocco Out of the Box (OOTB) is about celebrating our originality and providing our distribution network, their end customers, ...

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ESW Used Hardware Sale Day

 Every two weeks ESW shows the best used coffee hardware on You get the chance to become the proud owner of top of ...

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